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Isaac first picked up a guitar to play backup at the age of 12. Self taught, he was quickly on track to accompany his brother and then, just as quickly, developed his own incredible blues licks. His inherent ability and natural gift had him writing his own tunes in no time.


After the passing of his mother in 2005, Isaac channeled the difficulty of that loss into sophisticated composition. Much of the material he created by the time he was 15 would ultimately become ELIZABETH, Isaac’s first album.  For Isaac both then and now, writing songs seems the only way through turbulent times.


The vibrant local music scene in and around Provo, Utah gave Isaac a stage on which to perform. He took advantage of open mic nights, and of the generosity of Corey Fox, owner of Velour Live Music Gallery, who gave him every opportunity to play.

With continuing encouragement from his family, Isaac put together a band and began playing local gigs. Enter producer and recording artist Joshua James and his producing partner McKay Stevens [Northplatte Records], and things started happening. They produced the fledgling ELIZABETH and released the album under Isaac’s then stage name RuRu, putting to tape an album that highlights the essence of Isaac’s songwriting and touches everyone who hears it.

Countless books and films have tried to capture the experience of being a teenager – most written by adults. Isaac presents his own telling. No entitlements or chips on his shoulder, just his honest feelings.

At age 16, Isaac signed with Columbia Records. He went straight into the studio to record his Columbia debut. Released in 2011, his self-titled EP put him on tour with the likes of Jakob Dylan, Pete Yorn, on an unplugged appearance with the Courtyard Hounds and ultimately scored him an opening gig for Adele.


At 21, Isaac has returned to his independent roots. Summer 2013 he finished recording his first full-length album for Columbia, and got his first adult taste of what real soul-searching means. Not able to see the finished project through the same eyes, Isaac and his label thanked each other for the experience and shook hands goodbye.


Back with producer James, Isaac is ready for a career on his own terms.


He will be touring to promote the indie release this Fall.


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